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Board and Policies

A group photo of The James Irvine Board of Directors: Marc McMorris, Eliseo Medina, Goodwin Liu, Sheri Dunn Berry, Brenna Butler Garcia, Maria Anguiano, Don Howard, Paulette Brown-Hinds, Tim Rios, and Teresa Matsui.
Board members not pictured: Kafi Blumenfield, Michael Chui, John Frank, and Sara Recktenwald.

View all former trustees of the Irvine Foundation’s Board Directors.

Board Committees

The Board of Directors has five standing committees to manage specific board functions. Directors are selected for each depending on their professional expertise and interest. Committees and the taskforce meet on an as-needed basis, usually two to four times per year.

Finance and Administration Committee

The committee:

  • Monitors and recommends operating policies
  • Recommends operating and grants budgets
  • Monitors progress of our strategic plans
  • Hires and evaluates the President and CEO
  • Reviews staffing structures
  • Recommends officer compensation

Investment Committee

The committee establishes policies for our investments and:

  • Oversees and monitors investment performance
  • Approves asset allocations
  • Provides counsel to the CIO

Audit Committee

The committee oversees the auditing of our financial reports. Specifically, it:

  • Oversees the quality and integrity of accounting, auditing, internal controls, and financial reporting
  • Serves as the direct reporting body for our independent auditor

Committee of the Board

The committee:

  • Identifies and nominates new members for the board and recommends board officers and committee chairs
  • Provides leadership to the board in assessing its effectiveness
  • Establishes continuing education activities

Program Committee

The committee:

  • Assesses initiatives, new initiatives in development, and projects based on Irvine’s North Star Goals
  • Reviews and provides guidance on the strategy, impact, progress, and learning of our grantmaking
  • Recommends the approval of new grantmaking bodies of work (e.g., initiatives) to the full board in alignment with governance parameters 
  • Reviews initiative progress and learning to provide recommendations to the board when we update initiative strategies


Conflict of Interest Policy

This policy is designed to ensure that our employees and directors act on behalf of Irvine without regard to their personal affiliations or self-interests.


Policy on Political Activities

This policy is designed to ensure our compliance with federal tax laws that prohibit private foundations from taking positions on legislation and/or engaging in political activities.