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Michael Chui

McKinsey & Company

Dr. Michael Chui joined the Irvine board January 1, 2020. He is a partner at the McKinsey Global Institute, McKinsey & Company’s business and economics research arm, and leads research on the impact of innovations and technology on business, economies, and society. He also has led McKinsey research on data and analytics, social and collaboration technologies, artificial intelligence, and automation.

Before McKinsey, Dr. Chui served as the first Chief Information Officer of Bloomington, Indiana, where he re-architected the enterprise architecture using open source technologies and led a project making the city the world’s first community to offer both live and archived video web streaming of public meetings. And he was founder and Executive Director of HoosierNet, Inc., a nonprofit cooperative that provided Internet service via dial-up and broadband access to consumers, nonprofits, governments, and businesses.

Dr. Chui is on the advisory board of the Asia Society of Northern California, as well as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He frequently speaks at major conferences, publishes, and has his research cited in leading publications around the world.

Dr. Chui lives and works in San Francisco.