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Our Initiative Model

We seek to make our grants through initiatives with specific outcome goals, timelines, and budgets. Each initiative has a core set of grantees whose work, collectively, delivers the impact we seek for California.

Listening and learning from the field is critical to our initiatives, from development to measurement to making adjustments.

Specific impact goals

When we explore a new initiative, we learn from community leaders and effective organizations to understand the need for and potential impact of different approaches. Those insights inform the focus, target outcomes, and resources needed. When we launch an initiative, we work with grantees and others to monitor progress and adjust our investments over time for the greatest impact.

Multiyear, flexible investments in core grantees

Each initiative makes multiyear, flexible investments in a select number of core grantees that provide direct service, field strengthening, and advocacy to achieve the initiative’s target outcomes.

Complementary investments are for, and informed by, the field

We work with initiatives’ core grantees to identify other complementary areas of research, strategic communications, innovation, and advocacy that could help the grantees achieve lasting, statewide change.