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2024 Annual Review

Our 2024 Annual Review (previously called Portfolio Review) summarizes our work and grantmaking in 2023, and looks at the “state of our state,” including the economic well-being of workers and the quality of jobs in California. It also outlines our approach to grantmaking, the progress and learning of our initiatives (Better Careers, Fair Work, Just Prosperity, and Priority Communities), and information on our culture and demographics.

Foundation Statistics

Click through the graphics below to explore our 2023 grantmaking and staff and board demographics.

Staff 2023 Demographics Asian American and Pacific Islander - 30% Multiracial - 10% Native American - 1% White - 23% Prefer not to disclose - 1% Latino/a 22% Black - 14% Female 75% Male 25%
Board of Directors 2023 Demographics White - 31% Asian American and Pacific Islander - 23% Black - 15% Latino/a - 31% Male - 54% Female - 46%

Our 2024 Annual Review

“We hope that our Annual Review is a helpful look back and forward regarding our investments to build community power, transform public systems, and advance racial justice to ensure low-income workers can thrive economically.” 

Financial Statements

We retain independent auditors to audit our annual financial statements. These auditors report directly to our board’s Audit Committee.