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Our Principles

We are clear about the purpose and audience for each IA&L activity.

We cultivate a learning culture that supports innovation, experimentation, reflection, flexibility, and adaptation.

We collect data in multiple ways and gather information from diverse perspectives (e.g., grantees, those they serve, the broader community, etc.).

We prioritize gathering information that helps us adjust in real time. This includes seeking to understand not only what’s happening but why — the factors that are helping or hindering progress.

We share what we learn with others, including grantees, partners, the field, and the Californians we seek to serve.

We collaborate with our grantees and other partners to design and implement IA&L efforts that reflect the needs and priorities of grantees and the field.

We strive to reduce power dynamics to create strong and candid relationships that increase our individual and collective capacity to gather and use data.

We make every effort to ensure that what we ask of grantees is appropriate, given the amount and type of resources we provide as well as their specific context.

We avoid processes that are burdensome for staff, grantees, and those they serve. Where possible we build on existing efforts and streamline new ones.

Listening and Feedback

Listening and feedback are central to Irvine’s values and strategy. We are committed to listening and learning, and we close the loop by ensuring those we listen to know how we use what we hear.

Exploratory Grantmaking

Irvine makes exploratory grants to learn from working Californians and the field. We support effective organizations and solutions while assessing how we might play a longer-term role in these spaces.