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Shavonda McCaleb

Office Coordinator

Shavonda McCaleb joined the Foundation in January 2019 as the Office Coordinator for the Foundation’s Los Angeles office. She considers herself as an inspiring advocate who thrives on positive change, previously positions as a board member of the Georgia Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (formerly GACHI) and the Great Day Family Connections in Atlanta, Georgia. She also served on the Vocational Rehabilitation E-3 Advisory Panel.

Recognized for her exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment, Shavonda became a valued National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) member. Her impact-driven focus materialized through her work with the non-profit, Positively Impacting Communities Foundation.

Shavonda’s heart beats for the well-being of the deaf and hard of hearing community, evident in her roles on the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf school council and Parent Involvement Program. She is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), bridges communications gaps, advocates for the deaf, and fosters inclusivity.

Shavonda earned an associate degree in Administration with a specialty in organization and leadership from the University of Phoenix. Her passion extends to the literary world, with her sixth book about to be published.

Shavonda wants to be synonymous with a positive impact, advocacy, and unyielding commitment to making a difference.