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Our 2018 Grantmaking Portfolio Review

Since shifting our strategy in 2016, the Foundation has embraced new ways to update and engage our board, grantees, and other audiences. One such way is through our second-annual Portfolio Review. (We use the term portfolio to describe our multi-year initiatives and other grantmaking that aim to expand economic and political opportunity for working Californians struggling with poverty.)

We designed our Portfolio Review to share more context around the relevance of our strategy and how we approach our work. The Review also offers insight into our allocation of resources. For example, the percentages (and dollar amounts) of our grantmaking that go towards new initiatives, ongoing commitments, and culminating work.

In our 2018 Review, we share our approach to feedback from the field, as well as our new framework for impact assessment and learning. Lastly, we offer a snapshot of the people and organizational culture of the Foundation – including demographic data on our staff and board.

The Portfolio Review helps us understand and communicate how strategy development, talent management, finance and investments, and operations come together and relate to our impact goals. It is a useful tool to inform and guide our decisions moving forward.

We invite you to take a look at our 2018 Grantmaking Portfolio Review, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.