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2023 Portfolio Review

Our 2023 Portfolio Review, shared with Irvine’s Board of Directors in March 2023, summarizes our work and grantmaking in 2022, as California recovered all the jobs lost in the pandemic and adapted to challenges and new realities.

The Portfolio Review looks at the “state of our state” and highlights the disproportionate impact of inflation on Californians living on low wages, especially for people of color. And it outlines our approach to grantmaking, the progress of our initiatives (Better Careers, Fair Work, Just Prosperity, and Priority Communities), our allocation of resources, and information on our culture and demographics.

Foundation Statistics

Click through the graphics below to explore our 2022 grantmaking and staff and board demographics.

A graphic that shows our staff demographics. 17% Asian American and Pacific Islander 20% Black 29% Latino/a 9% Multiracial 1% Native American 23% White 1% Prefer not to disclose 73% Female 27% Male
A graphic that shows our 2022 board demographics. 23% Asian American and Pacific Islander 15% Black 31% Latino/a 31% White 46% Female 54% Male

Our 2023 Portfolio Review

“We continue to be inspired by the resilience of California’s communities in the face of countless challenges — and the organizations that serve them — and by public calls to use unprecedented investments to rebuild an economy with inclusion and justice.” 

Financial Statements

We retain independent auditors to audit our annual financial statements. These auditors report directly to our board’s Audit Committee.