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2021 Portfolio Review

Our 2021 Grantmaking Portfolio Review, shared with Irvine’s Board of Directors in March 2021, outlines our work and grantmaking in 2020, as California and the nation responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and persistent racial injustice. The review looks at the “state of our state” and shines a light on the COVID-19 pandemic’s disproportionate health and economic impact on working Californians paid low wages — particularly women and communities of color. And it outlines the Foundation’s approach to grantmaking, including deep dives into the progress of our Better Careers and Fair Work initiatives, our allocation of resources, and updates on our organizational culture, including staff and board demographics.

Foundation Statistics

Click through the graphics below to explore our 2020 grantmaking and staff and board demographics.

Irvine’s 2021 Portfolio Review — reflecting on the past as we plan for the future

“2020 was a year like no other — tragic and traumatic on so many levels. The health and economic crisis of COVID-19 was compounded by increased acts of racism, hate, and division. We face critical choices for how we move ahead, and I am hopeful this is a turning point for a better future.”

Financial Statements

We retain independent auditors to audit our annual financial statements. These auditors report directly to our board’s Audit Committee.