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Darlington Martor

Grants Assistant

Darlington Martor joined the Foundation as a Grants Assistant in January 2018.

Darlington most recently worked as a Grants Administrator and Assistant Office Manager for Equidex Inc., a San Francisco-based family office. Darlington also recently founded a charity, Anything Is Everything, that focuses on providing logistics to eligible nonprofits and local groups in Liberia, specifically to remedy access needs of children and teenagers.

Born in Liberia during the early years of the civil war, Darlington and his mother escaped the atrocities there and, in 1997, became refugees in the Ivory Coast. They then moved to Rhode Island in 2003, sponsored by the United Nations (UNICEF) resettlement program. Darlington attended Connecticut College, where he received his bachelor’s in international relations and where he minored in economics and history. Darlington then earned his master’s degree in international studies from Concordia University Irvine in 2017.