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Transitioning Grantmaking

Irvine’s grantmaking focus and structure shifted in 2016. We replaced separate program areas with initiatives focused entirely on creating a California where all low-income workers have the power to advance economically.

We are fulfilling our final commitments to earlier grantees to responsibly culminate our previous program-based efforts — and transition elements of some of that work into our other initiatives. We have made final grants in these areas, and we share what we’ve learned as each comes to a close.

Voter and Civic Engagement

Irvine launched the Voter and Civic Engagement initiative in 2003 with the aim to expand California’s electorate to better represent the state’s population and ensure that diverse voices informed public decision making. Though we made our final grant in 2019, elements of this work are reflected in our other initiatives such as Fair Work. We are honored to have supported powerful leaders and organizations whose work will have a lasting impact on Californians for generations to come.

Linked Learning

Linked Learning was a decade-long initiative by Irvine to prepare young people to graduate from high school ready for college and with the skills to thrive in the workplace. Growing evidence shows this approach works for all students, particularly those facing significant barriers to graduate.

We concluded the initiative in 2019 with an investment in the Linked Learning Alliance, who leads the growth and sustainability of Linked Learning as a means to improve equity in education and workforce development.