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Philanthropy works when we listen – to those we aim to serve

I was grateful to have the opportunity to share some perspectives today on a blog dedicated to philanthropy. Thanks to Forbes’ excellent philanthropy reporter, Kerry Dolan, for that opportunity.

The blog entry I shared is about the scrutiny that philanthropy is receiving – and should – for being disconnected from the people and places they aim to serve. I share my doubts about philanthropy’s effectiveness when, as I see in too many cases, foundations and donors fail to listen to and hear the wisdom, needs, and ideas, of grantees and the people grantees serve.

But I am encouraged by the growing community of funders now committed to listening. For example, the Fund for Shared Insight is a funder collaborative enhancing the capacity of nonprofits to hear what people in the community need, and, as a result, improve the impact of grants. That and other promising examples are getting daylight as part of the Power of Feedback campaign.

I hope you will read this piece and others in the Power of Feedback campaign.