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Michael Chui elected to Irvine Board of Directors

I’m excited to announce that the Irvine Foundation board has elected Dr. Michael Chui as its newest trustee.

Board members’ work often goes unseen, but I know from my time at Irvine and elsewhere that boards matter enormously. And I appreciate immensely what the Irvine Foundation board has contributed to our work, including with our shift in 2016 to focus on a singular goal: a California where all low-income workers have the power to advance economically.

Our board holds us accountable to that goal and to the people of California, as well as posing critical questions and insights at each juncture. And they do so from a diversity of places, lived experiences, and personal and professional expertise.

That is true for Michael as well. He is a Partner, in San Francisco, at McKinsey Global Institute, which focuses on business and economics research. There he leads research on the impact of innovation and technology for companies, the economy, and society at large.

Before joining McKinsey in 2002, Michael served as the Chief Information Officer for Bloomington, Indiana, as founder and Executive Director of HoosierNet, Inc. (a nonprofit internet provider), and at IBM on the software research and development team.

Michael also has written many thought-provoking publications about technology and the future of work, among other topics – all of which are highly relevant as Irvine explores how to best support low-wage workers in our state.

I encourage you to read about his impressive bio here, and I am thrilled that his unique perspectives and expertise will now enrich our board.