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Helping nonprofits access federal COVID-19 stimulus funds

We at the Irvine Foundation know that organizations across California are struggling during the COVID-19 crisis. We wanted to make sure that grantees know how to apply for the public dollars available as part of the recently passed federal stimulus bills.

Below are opportunities to learn more from our partners at Fiscal Management Associates (FMA), consultants with expertise in building nonprofit capacity and resiliency, about how to access these new resources. Please note the deadline next week, if you are interested, and please know that this is not related to Irvine grantmaking; we simply want to pass along the opportunity.

We will share other resources via our social media channels as we learn about them. Thank you.

From FMA:

You have the opportunity to attend a Paycheck Protection Program Loan Clinic. Nonprofit organizations have been included in a federal stimulus package for the first time, and we believe the loans offered by the program are an efficient and substantive way to invest in the nonprofit workforce – and cover operational costs in the short term. We also believe most 501(c)(3) nonprofits with 500 or fewer employees will be eligible, with the possibility of in-part or whole-loan forgiveness.

Nobody is certain how long funds will be available for applicants to the program. Time is of the essence, so FMA will offer daily clinics through April 17, where experts will answer questions and offer guidance on the application process.

If you have not learned about this program yet, we urge you to review FMA’s PPP Toolbox in advance of attending any clinics, so that you can come ready with questions.

Space is limited, so please register now for your preferred date and time: Click here to register for a clinic.

You also have access to resources to support you as you navigate the PPP program, per our work with Irvine. Here’s what you can do to get started:

  1. Contact your bank and SBA-approved lenders to start or submit your application. If you can move forward, do so and get in line with lenders!
  2. Review tools and guidance posted here.
  3. Register for a clinic here.
  4. FMA has posted an on-demand webinar so that you can learn more about the PPP program and how to apply. Learn more here.