Leadership Awards

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The James Irvine Foundation Leadership Awards recognize Californians who are implementing effective solutions to significant state issues. The awards are designed to:

  • Advance innovative, proven and replicable solutions to critical issues facing California
  • Contribute to better public policies and practices in the field

The Foundation provides each award recipient with $125,000 to support his or her work benefiting the people of California. The Foundation also assists recipients in sharing their promising approaches with policymakers and practitioners in their fields.

A leader whose work is exceptional is identified in these arenas:

  • SIGNIFICANCE: The leader's work addresses an issue that is critical to California's future, and the issue is anticipated to affect the quality of life of a substantial number of Californians into the future.
  • EFFECTIVENESS: The leader has been highly effective in achieving positive change. His or her work has a measurable record of accomplishment.
  • INNOVATION: The leader is advancing an innovative strategy that directly improves people's lives. The work represents a leap in creativity or a fundamental departure from usual practice.
  • INCLUSIVENESS: The leader helps build bridges among people with differing viewpoints or different backgrounds.
  • TIMING OF RECOGNITION: The leader's project is at a stage at which this recognition could substantially enhance its probability to inspire replication, and/or the relevant policy environment is conducive to progress at this time.
  • FIELD LEADERSHIP: The leader has demonstrated an interest in sharing his or her model within the field and informing policymaking on related issues.