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Our work to expand opportunity for the people of California is guided by a set of grantmaking principles that serve to unify the Foundation’s approach to our philanthropy. These principles inform the ways in which we apply our financial and other resources for greatest impact, and they build upon our competencies and experience as a philanthropic institution.

Irvine’s grantmaking seeks to:

Advance solutions for California
We view our most powerful role as supporting leaders and organizations that are effectively addressing some of California’s most significant challenges, both at a statewide and regional level. In all of our work, we focus on solutions, often seeking to address systemic barriers to progress and change.

Build fields for sustained change
We believe that sustainable change occurs when engaging a broad range of actors, with shared identity and collective ownership, and deepening capabilities among these partners. We apply this “field building” strategy when applicable to the solutions we aim to advance.

Act as a catalyst
We remain attuned to the environment around us and seize opportunities where our engagement can be catalytic, by applying the range of our resources to spark progress, instigate collective action, and drive results and impact.

Amplify voices
We use communications tools and strategies to bring forward both our voice, and that of our partners, to expand collective understanding, propose viable solutions, and mobilize progress.

Embrace learning
We actively reflect upon both the successes and failures of our work and that of our partners, in order to learn, improve and share knowledge with both the field of philanthropy and our program areas.