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Our annual foundation-wide assessments measure progress toward Irvine's institutional goals and priorities.

In order to define how the Foundation should track its progress and measure its impact, we developed a six-part framework to assess progress towards advancing Irvine's mission and our organizational goals. This framework tracks and assesses the Foundation's effectiveness and impact in two broad categories — program impact and institutional effectiveness — as described below:

Program Impact

  1. Context We track key indicators about the fields in which we work and use that information to inform our strategic and grantmaking decisions.
  2. Outcomes We look at a set of progress indicators developed by our program teams to measure progress toward our program goals.
  3. Learning and Refinement We examine how these results and other lessons from our program work were used to refine program strategy, and whether we shared our learning broadly.

Institutional Effectiveness

  1. Exercising Leadership We focus on how well we are framing understanding of and drawing attention to key statewide issues.
  2. Constituent Feedback We assess how the Foundation is perceived by its key constituencies, such as grantseekers, grantees, other foundations, board and staff. The Grantee Perception Report serves as the primary means of receiving feedback from our grantees.
  3. Finance and Organization We monitor our investment performance, commitment to prudent financial stewardship, operational effectiveness and efficiency, and organizational health.

This approach is more fully described in the Assessment Framework: An Overview (PDF, 44 KB), which provides details about our goals and assumptions. This is a work in progress, and we welcome opportunities to learn from others and to improve our approach going forward.

We assess our foundation-wide performance each year in our Annual Performance Report. Click here to read recent reports:

Glass Pockets

Glass Pockets is an initiative of the Foundation Center designed to promote online transparency and accountability among large private foundations. Click on the icon below to see how Irvine rates in terms of best practices.

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