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From the President: Excited about the Road Ahead Print E-mail
Don Howard

Dear Colleagues:

It’s exciting, and daunting, to be asked to lead The James Irvine Foundation.

It’s exciting because we have the privilege of supporting talented and innovative leaders working to expand opportunity for the people of California. And, it’s humbling because of the enormity of the hurdles we face if we are to ensure that everyone in our state truly has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential.

Although I have been at Irvine for two years now, neither our board nor I see this leadership transition as a continuation of business as usual. All of us at Irvine are committed to capitalizing on this transition to reflect and to innovate. We know that our current programs are enabling tremendous impact in communities. We also know that we can, and need to, do much more.

So, in the coming months I plan to spend a lot of time listening and gathering input on novel approaches to increase the impact we can catalyze. I don’t expect to unearth the solutions to our state’s great challenges. But, I do embrace the responsibility that funders like Irvine have to seek out and invest in leaders who are experimenting to find those solutions.

I commit to sharing what I hear and learn. But first, I hope you will take a moment to share your ideas for creative and innovative approaches that have the potential to expand opportunity for the people of California.

All of us at Irvine have a lot more to learn. I’m thrilled to be leading us on this next phase of our journey.

Don Howard
President & CEO