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From the President: A Look at 2013 Print E-mail
Don Howard


2013 was a pivotal year for The James Irvine Foundation. It was the year we laid the groundwork for transition and change and started on a journey to expand and accelerate the impact of our work.

Each of our core programs experienced an important inflection point in 2013:

  • With increasing evidence about how Linked Learning helps students graduate and prepare for success in college and career, our Youth program, the California Department of Education and the broader Linked Learning field expanded this work beyond schools and districts, to the launch of a new statewide pilot program to bring Linked Learning to hundreds of thousands more youth.
  • Our Arts program launched the core of its new strategy, the New California Arts Fund, supporting 10 leading nonprofit arts organizations as they seek to strengthen their communities through expanded engagement in the arts.
  • Our California Democracy team refreshed its strategy for advancing effective public policy making that is reflective and responsive to all Californians. With advice from dozens of leaders across the state, they developed a new approach that focuses on timely opportunities to improve the state’s democracy. The current portfolio of such initiatives includes election policies and practices, voter and civic engagement, ballot initiative reform, and immigrant integration.

Beyond our core programs, we experimented with innovation in 2013, working with our staff and board to think about new ways we could invest in promising solutions being tested by talented leaders. This thinking ultimately led to the launch of the California Pay for Success Initiative, a partnership with Nonprofit Finance Fund that we unveiled at the beginning of 2014.

Institutionally, 2013 was also a time of change, as we announced the departure of our great colleague and CEO Jim Canales and moved into a new office space designed for greater access and collaboration.

We hope this 2013 Year in Review site will give you a glimpse of some of those accomplishments and first steps on our journey to greater impact. You’ll find we’ve structured it a bit differently than the annual reports of old. We want you to explore and interact, as you take a trip through 2013. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Don Howard
Interim President & CEO