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The Irvine Foundation's original Board of Directors was formed in 1937.The first seven directors were among James Irvine's family, friends and business associates. Interestingly, although Mr. Irvine was alive for the first 10 years of the Foundation, he never formally served on the board.

Our longest-serving director was Mr. Irvine's granddaughter, Kathryn Wheeler. She served from 1950 to 1997, and continued to attend meetings as an honorary director until her death in late 2003. For 53 years, Mrs. Wheeler served as a direct link to our founder and frequently reminded us that Mr. Irvine cared deeply about assisting Californians to become educated and productive members of their communities.

The following is a list of all of our past directors to date. See a list of our current Board of Directors.

Myford Irvine 1937–1959 (Chair 1937–1959)
Katharine Irvine 1937–1950
N. Loyall McLaren 1937–1977 (Chair 1959–1976)
A.J. McFadden 1937–1975
James G. Scarborough 1937–1968
Paul A. Dinsmore 1937–1950
W.H. Spaulding 1937–1944
Robert H. Gerdes 1944–1982
Kathryn L. Wheeler 1950–1997 (Honorary Director 1998–2003)
W.B. Hellis 1950–1958
James H. Metzgar 1958–1979
Edward W. Carter 1959–1989
John V. Newman 1963–1988 (Vice Chair 1983–1988)
Mark R. Sullivan 1963–1970
Morris M. Doyle 1965–1989 (Chair 1976–1989)
John A. Murdy, Jr. 1965–1973
John S. Fluor 1968–1974
Rudolph A. Peterson 1971–1982
Stanton G. Hale 1974–1976
J. Robert Fluor 1977–1984
Camilla C. Frost 1978–1999
Roger W. Heyns 1978–1994 (Vice Chair 1988–1994)
Virginia B. Duncan 1978–1991
Walter B. Gerken 1980–1995
Myron Du Bain 1982–1996 (Chair 1989–1996)
Samuel H. Armacost 1982–2004
Forrest N. Shumway 1985–2000
Edward Zapanta, M.D. 1988–2001
Donn B. Miller 1989–2000 (Vice Chair 1994–2000)
Joan F. Lane 1990–2001
James C. Gaither 1991–2003 (Chair 1997–2003)
Angela Glover Blackwell 1991–1994
Dennis A. Collins 1994–2002
Blenda J. Wilson 1995–1999
Patricia S. Pineda 1995–2006 (Vice Chair 2006)
Peter W. Stanley 1997–2006 (Chair 2003–2005)
Toby Rosenblatt 1996–2008 (Vice Chair 2007–2008)
Gary B. Pruitt 1999–2009 (Chair 2006–2009)
Peter J. Taylor 2000–2012 (Chair 2010–2012)
Cheryl White Mason 2000–2003
Mary G.F. Bitterman 2002–2003
Molly Munger 2002-2013
Jim Canales 2003-2013