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Irvine’s Board of Directors provides strategic, operational and fiduciary oversight for the Foundation in accordance with its bylaws. The board performs these functions primarily through its interactions with the Chief Executive Officer, who is a member of the board. In addition, the board acts as an engaged and diversely experienced group of advisors for our leadership team, which regularly discusses strategies and initiatives with the board to ensure that we are maximizing the effectiveness of our grantmaking activities.

  • Individual directors are nominated by the Committee on the Board, with the goal of creating a board consisting of diverse backgrounds and skills across the nonprofit, philanthropic, business and public sectors. Except for the CEO, all directors are independent. The bylaws stipulate that the board may not have more than 14 members, including the CEO.
  • The board chair is nominated by the Committee on the Board and is appointed by the full board each year. Although the Foundation has no formal term limit for the board chair, there is consensus that limiting the chair's term to three or four consecutive years is desirable.
  • A primary responsibility of the Board of Directors is the selection and ongoing performance reviews of the Foundation's CEO. The board evaluates the CEO on an annual basis to ensure that he or she is managing the Foundation in a way that will maximize long-term benefits for the people of California, in accordance with the Foundation's mission and goals.
  • Board members are elected to four-year terms with a maximum of three consecutive terms, for a total maximum of 12 years of service. The board believes that 75 is an appropriate retirement age for outside directors, and this age limit overrides the limit on terms of service.
  • The Foundation offers compensation to each director of $10,000 per year. The Foundation does not pay per-meeting fees or additional compensation to the chair or other selected board members. This compensation reflects reasonable remuneration for our directors and helps to ensure that directors can be actively engaged in the affairs of the Foundation, regardless of their socioeconomic circumstance. Directors may decline this compensation, and several do each year.
  • Each director is allowed to request grants from the Foundation to be directed to qualified nonprofit institutions that benefit California. Grant requests are reviewed by staff for eligibility and are ratified by the full board on a quarterly basis. Directors recuse themselves from the ratification process for grants to organizations with which they have an affiliation. The aggregate annual total for Director Discretionary Grants is limited to 1 percent of the Foundation's total grants budget for that year, with a cap of $50,000 per director.
  • Generally the board holds formal meetings four times per year: three one-day meetings and one two-day retreat with the Foundation's senior staff. The board holds executive sessions at each of its meetings that exclude the CEO, even though he is a member of the board, to support independent oversight of the Foundation's activities.

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