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The Board of Directors has four standing committees to manage specific board functions. Directors are selected for committee membership depending on their professional expertise and desire to become more involved in certain aspects of Irvine’s activities. Committees meet on an as-needed basis, usually two to four times per year.

These are the four standing committees:

  1. The Finance and Administration Committee approves and monitors operating policies to advance our work. Its duties include:
    • Approving the operating and grants budgets
    • Monitoring progress related to our strategic plans
    • Evaluating the president and CEO
    • Reviewing staff organizational structures
    • Recommending officer compensation
  2. View the committee’s charter.

  3. The Investment Committee establishes policies regarding our investment program and oversees investment performance. The committee's duties include:
    • Acting on investment recommendations from the Chief Investment Officer
    • Approving asset allocations
    • Approving investment manager hiring and dismissal
  4. View the committee’s charter.

  5. The Audit Committee retains oversight of the auditing of our financial reports. The committee’s duties include:
    • Overseeing the quality and integrity of accounting, auditing, internal controls and financial reporting
    • Serving as the direct reporting body for our independent auditors
  6. View the committee’s charter.

  7. The Committee on the Board is responsible for the identification and nomination of new members for the board and for the annual nomination of board officers and committee chairs. The committee also provides leadership to the board in assessing its effectiveness.
  8. View the committee’s charter.

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